Rabi-Ribi Beta Demo
Version 0.8h3
File Size 101MB
Language T.Chinese and Japanese (English Work in process!)
Download [Google Link] [Mega Link]
Bonus [Download this movie] and put it in data/movie folder to enable PV playback!

If the game crash during boss battle please go to options,
and set DISPLAY->MINIMIZE EFFECT to ON (Cutin Effect may look strange)

Patch Note


Attempt to fix the enemy collision crash bug
Added new Cutin Attack for Cicini! (The old one design is too lazy)


Fixed a Story Mode Memeory Error Bug


1. Added Language Menu,the demo now support Japanese (Thanks DUMP for helping!)
2. Renewed main menu , added Load Game,Change Difficulty,Options,Link
3. Updated some boss music and Sound Effect
4. Improved Display -> Minimize Effect effect to forest and beach (Some background element will be missing if set to on)
5. Added Easy and Hard difficulty (Very Easy,Easy,Normal,Hard,Very Hard,BUNNY EXTINCTION)
6. Added Boss Rush Extend Mode , Story Mode’s Boss are joining to the rush too! (5 in a row)
7. Added UPRPRC Boss Rush Mode , just a mode for experiment! (5 in a row)
8. Fixed Ashuri 1 AI Bug
9. Fixed Ashuri 2 underground teleport to ground bug
10. Changed some battle system element (Max Defense -> Defense Boost/High Tension!)
11. Fixed warp stone menu missing graphic problem
12. Added Control -> Gamepad Remap/Keyboard Remap in options menu
13. Added function to exit Boss Rush Mode while paused
14. Changed Boss Rush Ribbon’s Magic type from [Blue Green Purple] to [Blue Green Yellow]


1. Fixed Npc talking detect again
2. Changed some boss attacks
3. Boost attack system balance
4. Fixed fall through ground bug


1. Fixed Cutin crash。If the game still crash,please go to options(for more detail see point 11), Set DISPLAY->MINIMIZE EFFECT to ON (Cutin will look different or weird after set to ON)
2. BOSS BATTLE DIFFICULTY REBALANCED , We agree increase/decrease damage in different mode is a lazy way for difficulty setting , so we changed :

1) Enemy attack power balance  

2) Reduce enemy bullets/or easier to dodge  in easier mode   

3) Increase enemy bullets/or harder to dodge  in harder mode      

(Reach end of story mode for how to changing difficulty)

3. Changed the way of changing diffciulty
4. Fixed Cocoa Battle’s camera bug
5. Fixed NPC talk detection
6. Changed Sunny Beam’s Sound Effect
7. Forest/Cave/Beach should run better now (Higher FPS)
8. Item get and help screen can be skipped now
9. Increase Boss Rush’s time limit
10. Boss Rush enemy attack power -10%
11. Added Options  (Press F2 at Mode Select screen)
12. Added Load Game Function (Press CTRL+L at Mode Select Screen)
13. Fixed init crash problem

Thanks for everyone for the support!
Rabi-Ribi has been Greenlit!